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Welcome to Radin Services where exceptional craftsmanship goes hand in hand with relevant industry experience. Radin conveniently services the entirety of the Wasatch Front providing expeditious service and exceptional results wherever we go. Due to our unparalleled work ethic, Radin has set the gold standard in customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to ensure every client we serve walks away with their expectations exceeded. Our approach of people-first, numbers second is the reason we’ve found continuous success with our clientele. 

With roots in the western United States, Radin feels passionate about providing Utahans with quality roofing care at a fair and equitable price point. We care about our reputation as Northern Utah’s premier roofers. Despite our proclivity for masterful roofing, learning is in our DNA, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our craft. In essence, we care about the work that gets done, and we care about how it’s received. When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than exemplary. When you hire the competent team at Radin, you won’t have to.

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Why Choose Us?

At Radin, we never cut corners, which in turn, has enabled us to remain a cut above our
competitors. Our hunger to improve and constantly find new and innovative ways to approach
our work has kept us passionate over the years. There are countless reasons why Radin is the
right choice for you. We’re motivated, friendly, and execute each job with enthusiasm and
experience. As a result, we’re the roofing contractors Ogden Utah and the entirety of the
Wasatch Front trust implicitly. How did we procure our reputation for excellence? Here’s why
you want us on the job:


Given the nature of our work, safety is a top priority, and we do everything in our
power to ensure both our clients and employees are protected in every sense of the word. Every
member of our team possesses the proper credentials and licensure needed to work on your
property safely and effectively, with no exceptions. Furthermore, our company is bonded and
insured, providing you with the assurance that we are capable and competent in every facet of
roof building and repair. In essence, we embody all the values of good business practice from
unwavering integrity to project follow-through. When it comes to your home, you deserve
nothing short of the best. We treat your home like ours, with reverence and respect. We provide

the best roofing Utah.


Experience is something that cannot be faked, and with a background in
construction, Radin was literally built from the ground up. We approach each problem with the
eagerness to move it quickly into a solution. With an insight that can only be cultivated from
years of hands-on experience and refined troubleshooting, we approach every problem with the
hunger to quickly circumvent its challenges. We believe there’s room for all kinds of talents to
sit at the table. As such, we incorporate practical skills as well as creative innovation to view
roofing through a holistic lens. We combine ideals of creativity with exceptional craftsmanship
to bring you results designed to last. When it comes to roofing Ogden Utah, we take immense
pride in what we provide.


Any reputable business should always take a portion of its profits and
streamline them directly into the business. Our customers are provided with a level of elite
craftsmanship that effectively prevents them from having to call another Utah county roofing contractors

down the line. We treat each home with immense care and dignity, recognizing that your space is
sacred to you. Above all else, we never leave a space in anything less than immaculate condition.
In order to make good on this promise, we make it a priority to always bring top-of-the-line
materials. When it comes to roofing projects, the facts don’t lie. A professionally installed roof is
bound to last longer than one with poor rendering. We want to be the provider that gave you the
maximum amount of time with your structure. We’re here to support your project and spearhead
your initiatives.


Regardless of industry, integrity should be the cornerstone of any business, period.
Leading with integrity guarantees our business continues to operate with equity, flexibility, and a

focus on building rapport and relationships with our clients. We never forget that you’re the one
paying for the project, and the one who has to live in your home day after day. As such, we’d
much rather be viewed as your collaborator than the expert unwilling to hear you out.
Communication is an invaluable tool and the reason why mistakes are basically non-existent on
our record.


We’re the roofers Utah County, Salt Lake County, and Davis County rely on for fair
pricing. In full transparency, the quality of our work does not lend itself to being the cheapest
option available. With that said, we strongly maintain that choosing Radin is choosing an
investment in your home, not just a one-time roof job. Every job that we take on, we do so,
knowing that we are the correct choice for the job. You’ll never have to worry about calling in
contractors to fix our mistakes don the In doing so, we effectively eliminate the need for another
contractor to come and fix our mistakes down the road. With Radin roof repair Utah, you get the job done first,
and the job done right, no questions asked.


We’re a versatile provider in the sense that we work with all kinds of roofing
materials and types of roofing structures with equal understanding. Not only can we assist with
virtually every need your roof has, but we can delve into your specific desires to create a project
plan that is uniquely yours.

With years of customer satisfaction in our rearview mirror, we make people the center of our
operation, always. This entails listening to the visions and opinions of our clients and prioritizing
their wishes above all else. Our team enjoys nothing more than seeing our labors result in a home
run with our clients. As master collaborators, we don’t merely want to hear about your visions-
we want to be the ones to bring them to life. Whether we’re roofing Utah County, or providing
comprehensive storm cleanup help, every job is an opportunity to prove our worth and improve
our craft.

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Services On-Demand

With a talented team spearheading the operation, we are able to maintain a business that runs on a very tight ship. We cover ground all over the Wasatch Front, which means we have no time for tardiness or inability to perform. For more information regarding our offerings, you can find plenty of detail on our website’s service pages. Moreover, you can also contact us at any time to discuss your project. When it comes to what we can do, there’s extraordinarily little we won’t be able to assist you with when it comes to your roof. We are always willing to come and check out the job site and see how we can help. Here’s an at-a-glance service list: Full-Spectrum Roofing Services: Think of your roof as your home’s skin. It is the outermost layer and needs to protect you from the elements. Roofs are not a part of the home that can be put on haphazardly. In fact, if your roof is not professionally installed it will not give you the lifespan it should. Radin roofing contractors are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality possible, at a reasonable price point. When we install a roof, we install it right.

That said, like any portion of your house, a roof is not infallible, and it will accrue damage. These issues can stem from age, erosion, natural wear and tear, and poor roof installation Utah. Roofs are also susceptible to sudden damage due to unexpected major or minor issues. Whether you’re in need of tin, asphalt, or metal roofing Utah homeowners need only call Radin. Fortunately, our team can help you with any issue from the massive ones that demand complete overhauls to easily repaired quick fixes.

We assist with:

Assisting With Projects On All Varieties of Roofs

At Radin, we believe in building from the ground up and have worked with many different people on a variety of different projects. We believe the key to successfully executing any project begins and ends with procuring a vast base of knowledge and expanding upon our established skills. Due to our credentials, and Radin’s roots in construction work, project procurement is at the core of what we do. We begin by creating a game plan and executing it consistently at every checkpoint. You can learn more about how we engage in projects and build you from the ground zero in a myriad of ways. Because at Radin, we’re not just building homes, we’re building futures.

Our Core Values in Action

In an industry where the quality of work speaks for itself, we’re here to provide our clients with nothing short of exceptional. Your home is your most important asset and deserves to be treated with absolute dignity. The welfare of you and your home comes first, which is why we will never operate or conduct any semblance of work if we can not do so with absolute quality assurance. Our core values help us maintain integrity in everything we do. Through experience, thoroughness, motivation, and impeccable people skills, we can deliver roofing Sandy Utah, roof repair St George Utah, roof repair Layton Utah, roof repair Ogden Utah, and the entire Wasatch Front can be proud of.

Radin Roofing Doing Their Job


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RADIN has its roots in asphalt shingles & metal roof coverings. With years of experience, ask us how we can keep your home dry with the roof you have always dreamed of!

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Storm Damage

With years of working with insurance providers and complete storm disaster restoration, there's nothing our team can't handle. Call or message us today for a free consultation!


Roof Repair

When it comes to roof repair, Radin’s skilled and knowledgeable technicians will make an informed recommendation, based on your roofs specific needs. In addition, if roof repair Utah is adequate, Radin Services will get the job done professionally, efficiently, and correctly.

What We Offer! Services On-Demand

Full Spectrum Roof Services


Radin Services employs roofing contractors Ogden Utah and Wasatch Front homeowners can retain for comprehensive roof services. Regardless of how well installed, maintained, and managed your roof has been, every roof goes through its own life cycle. Some roofs fair better based on materials (see projects) but for the most part, everyone eventually ends up needing roof services. Radin provides the following roof services. We take care of the entire process from A to Z, clearing debris in the process and expertly installing new roofs at a moment’s notice. 

  • Maintenance

  • Roof repair Utah

  • Replacement & Installation

  • Storm Damage


Service: Maintenance-The Key to Prolonged Health


Roof health is often overlooked. Rarely is it intentional, however, many owners don’t realize the wonders that proactive roof health can do. Your roof is the largest protector you have from the elements, and as a result, it will naturally accrue damage over time. However, we understand that when portions of your home aren’t in active distress, it’s hard to remember they need maintenance from time to time. In fairness, not many of us are waiting around for the next household item to break, nor are we anticipating how to fix it. Bottom line, damage happens, and repairs are pertinent. When you need those repairs, Radin can help. Our roofing companies Logan, Utah team knows just the steps to take to ensure your safety. Frankly, nearly everyone can benefit from routine roof maintenance. If for no other reason, it helps preserve the aesthetic components of your home and amass curb appeal. More importantly, roof maintenance protects investments (for those who have recently installed new structures) and keeps aged roofs in mint condition, as they’re just as vulnerable to erosion as any other. Despite how well your roof was installed, the materials involved, and the abject newness, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment and protect yourself in the process.


Here are a few of the ways that we keep your roof accounted for in the maintenance phase: Routine Cleaning: Every roof has different materials, which means the cleaning protocol will vary depending on the prototype. Certain materials require an extra level of attention and care to keep them functioning. Certain materials also require a more consistent level of cleaning. If it sounds a bit tedious, keep in mind, a solid cleaning from time to time can significantly uphold the optics of your home. Not to mention the importance of curb appeal phenomenon, which increases the value of your home. A little bit of cleaning can make a world of difference, especially when you’re dealing with certain materials. For instance, shingles are a roof finish that is subject to dirt accumulation. With that said, all it takes is a regular cleaning here and there to keep shingles in good condition. Radin has the perfect cleaning protocol for roof shingles Utah needs. Regular cleaning also helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your roof’s health. Are there certain areas that need help?


Sealant is one of those maintenance components you don’t typically think of until it’s in distress. Ironically, it’s a relatively easy maintenance issue to fix, even for those with little experience. However, not everyone is meant to get on top of a roof. Especially when there’s a chance that the roof has been compromised. Sealant can be easily applied if no further issues prevent themselves. Go ahead and let Radin lead the charge on this one. Should we come across a crack in the sealant, we’ll take care of the entire process.


Gutters are often incredibly easy to overlook, yet they play such a crucial role in maintaining your roof’s health. Even a small sense of breakage or clogging can quickly spiral out of control, causing major issues with water placement. Regular maintenance helps prevent your gutters from ever getting to the aforementioned stages. Our maintenance services ensure that your gutters are properly taken care of before they have chance to cause major issues to your roof.


Radin is a business that thrives on accessibility and flexibility. Everyone is different, and every home is different. The level of involvement and care your home will need is entirely up to you. No one size fits all for any roof, which is why we’ll create a maintenance plan that gives you the “just right” amount of help. Let the roofing shingles Utah experts take care of you.

Repairs: When Maintenance Isn’t Enough

While routine maintenance genuinely helps prevent constant roof repair Utah, sometimes, a repair is unavoidable. Moreover, sometimes during our routine maintenance procedure, we’ll encounter issues that require repairs. Repairs will run the gamut in terms of necessity and cost.

Nevertheless, the best way to ensure your roof maintains its health is to take care of any repairs immediately and as they occur. Like any other type of issue, we highly recommend that you call us as soon as you recognize any issue. The sooner you can get on top of a repair, the more likely it is to stay manageable. At Radin, we offer every type of repair there is from the basic to the comprehensive. Before we undergo a repair, we will typically give our recommendation for repair versus all-out replacement. As opposed to a full-on replacement, if a repair is adequate, it will save you time and money. Regardless of what service we end up providing, our vision is simple. We always provide the best recommendation based on what your roof needs. Consequently, we feel it’s important to give our clients our professional opinions, even those that might be unpopular. Giving honest feedback is a part of the integrity we will not sacrifice. Moreover, repairs are a viable option for many roofs, and they can certainly prolong the lifespan of your roof. We provide roof repair utah can utilize to buy time on their roof’s livelihood. While it’s true, most roofs are generally good for a 20-year span, there’s a definite possibility its usage can be extended if you take care of your roof properly. The need for repair can generally be attributed to one of a few issues. Many of them are out of our control and occur due to random damage. Many of them are outside influences like extreme weather and storm conditions, pests, infestations, sun damage, even random debris.

Truth be told, your roof takes a beating on a daily basis. Understandably, its job is to protect you from any number of external issues. The last thing we want to do is inconvenience our clients, which is why repairs are only recommended if absolutely necessary. With free estimates, and the option to always say no, we passionately believe the choice comes down to you. That said, we will give you our professional opinion and recommendation, based on years of experience and continued education.


Repair vs. Replace: When to do What

 Should I repair or replace my roof? It’s a loaded question that doesn’t always have an explicit answer. For instance, you might believe that the roof has accrued major damage due to a storm, or some other kind of emergency issue. However, you can’t exactly see if there’s any damage, all you know is that you heard debris crash all throughout the night. That’s where Radin comes in handy, as we can quickly and effectively diagnose issues. We’ll send a team of roofers Ogden Utah and surrounding areas can trust for an accurate depiction of the issue. From there, it’s typically easy for us to tell what your next choice should be.

Here are a few of the criteria we consider before we recommend a decision:

Age of Roof- A brand-new roof or a roof that’s still in its infancy is an obvious hard sell. Usually, if a roof needs to be repaired in its early years, it’s because a major oversight has occurred in its roof installation Utah. Some people might recommend having the company that installed the roof come in and fix it. However, if your prior contractor missed the mark so egregiously, it might be better to just scrap their service entirely.

When all is said and done, if your roof is displaying problems and it’s at the natural end of its industry-wide life cycle, the best course of action will be a replacement. Otherwise, you run the risk of constantly upgrading your roof and to no avail. Sometimes the best course of action is to bite the bullet, and remember you stand to make money in the long run on a smart investment.

Replacement Costs- If you find yourself reaching out to a roof repair Utah specialist on a regular basis, there’s a good chance the repairs are not holding up. As mentioned, if you believe you can outsmart a replacement by undergoing repair after repair, you will soon learn you cannot outsmart the natural trajectory. Not to mention, you’ll soon come to realize all the money you’re sinking into repairs could have been better siphoned into a full-on replacement. Thankfully, our experienced roofers Utah county crew will be able to quickly execute a replacement, so you can get back to life as usual in no time.

Storm Damage: Post Storm Cleanup

Storm Damage: Point blank, if your home has experienced major trauma or irreversible damage due to a major storm or water leakage, the most logical (and safe) option will be to replace it. Luckily, we have experience working on storm damage and helping our clients navigate the daunting insurance process. If it’s something you aren’t familiar with or are nervous to undergo, when time is of the essence, never fear. We are here to work out all the kinks of a storm damage claims process, including communicating with your insurance provider.

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I started in the construction trade when I was a kid and slowly worked my way up to running my own construction company in New Mexico. Roofing and storm restoration were always my main focus; however, I soon began to expand into building homes, fulfilling contracts for the LDS church, and eventually worked large commercial contracts. I never forgot my roots in roofing and restoration, and eventually, in a desire to get back to them, I sold my company and moved to Utah in order to bring my passion of amazing customer service at prices that make sense to the community along the Wasatch Front! 




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Projects and Project Types

There are many different kinds of roof types, and materials, which is why each project looks just a bit different from the last. All across the Wasatch Front, we see a lot of different materials and roof types, that are prominent in the area. Here are some of the different projects and recommendations for these types of materials and roofs.

Finding the Roof Type for Your Project

There are many different roof types, and how they’re rendered will depend on the specifics and optics of your home. Here are some of your options for your roofing project. Bear in mind, we are able to execute jobs with all kinds of materials. We can help you decipher what’s in your price range, and what works best with your project. From gabled roofs to flattops and tin roofs to asphalt shingles Utah homeowners have choices for their projects.

The Gable Roof

The gable roof is an objective classic and is one of the most popular roofing project types in existence. While the gable roof can definitely be modified in various ways as you’ll see later in this list), at its core, it is a reliable roof type designed to combat precipitation and weather woes. The design is also easy to execute as it follows a simple formula of square/rectangle base, and two slopes culminating in a peak. Its tented nature is exactly what makes it so apt to combat weather woes. Its widespread accessibility makes it a perfect choice for Utah homes, and homes across the country.

To Summarize

The gable roof is good for: shedding water, an anatomy that lends itself to preventing leaks. An easy installation and repair process ideal for preventing leaks due to its anatomy, easy roof installation Utah and repair, and proper ventilation. Issues with the gable roof: This type is prone to wind damage. If installed incorrectly, you’re out of luck and will probably need to repair it far sooner than necessary.

The Clipped Gable

As previously mentioned, the clipped gable is a popular derivative of a traditional gable. The clipped gable is one of the most popular of all. A clipped gable, also known as a hipped roof or a jerkinhead, has a small edge at its peak point where the two slopes merge. Incidentally, the relatively small tweak to the anatomy of the clipped gable can change the optics both visually and anatomically. The clipped gable is roofing Logan Utah and residents in the Wasatch Front can utilize it if they’re largely concerned with appearances. How is this represented? Mainly in the small clip on the front of your home can showcase beautiful roofing material such as shingles or give the opportunity for a small window installation in the attic area. Typically, a clipped gable will most commonly appear on homes that are done in the craftsman or bungalow-style.

The clipped gable roof is good for: ideally, you’ll want to use a clipped gable if you prioritize stunning visuals. This type of roof allows will showcase the materials of your roof, whether they’re asphalt shingles or otherwise. Issues with the clipped gable: The clipped gable doesn’t allow for as much space in places like the attic. Additionally, it will cost more than your standard gable variety.

Dutch Gable

Yet another version of the gabled roof. However, the Dutch can be easily identified as a combination of a hip roof and a gable roof. Because this type of roof allows for more natural light flow, it’s ideal for homeowners who want to utilize their upper-floor attic space. Dutch gables will usually place emphasis on peaks of the home and attic spaces. Due to its anatomy, the light flow is spectacular on a Dutch Gable.

The Dutch Gable roof is good for: An increased natural light flow. The Dutch Gable is a good option for Utahns as it allows for a flow of warmth in the colder months. The Dutch is also a more unique aesthetic choice and can work with nearly any kind of roofing material.

Issues With The Dutch Gable

The combination of Dutch gables and asphalt Shingles Utah residents should avoid. Asphalt shingles, which are by and large the most popular roofing style in the United States, can erode quickly on this design. If you want your project to revolve around a Dutch Gable Roof, The multiple pitch infrastructure makes for complex roof installation utah.


By and large the flat roof has become nearly synonymous with commercial buildings. With that said, any residential project that utilizes a flat roof is guaranteed to be one of intrigue. Generally, homes with a multi-level design or an attached garage can utilize the flat roof approach in a few distinctive ways. 

Despite its namesake, in order for a flat roof to avoid water-pooling and promote water run-off, it must have some sort of tiny slope. Flat roofs are versatile in terms of the materials used ranging from rubber to asphalt. For the green thumb and urban jungle lover, a garden terrace is an extremely interesting design. Yes, a flat roof can create a fully sustainable garden and is perfect for those plants that need hours of direct sunlight. If you are itching for a project that revolves around a flat roof, there are plenty of incredible aesthetic options. Flat roofs can lead to a lot of artistic ingenuity and creativity. Of course, beware, as incorrect installing of a flat roof is a massive issue.

The flat roof is good for: If you’re dealing with a reputable project manager, a flat roof is quite to install. It utilizes space in intricate and interesting ways and can promote some particularly interesting outdoor living projects. Again, if installed by a reputable contractor, you will have virtually no water issues.

Issues With The Flat Roof

Obviously, the popular roof shingles Utah homeowners will not be able to use on this roofing project. The possibility of roof installation Utah incorrectly far more possible. A flat roof with a garden feature adds a whole other dimension of potential care and maintenance.


A hip roof has four sides of equal proportions and sides that come to a point at the center of the roof. In some ways, it resembles a pyramid shape through four-side optics. Whatever roofing material you choose to use will be extremely evident. Therefore, you’ll probably want to invest in a stylish roofing material. Before selecting materials, ensure you have thoroughly explored your options and choose wisely. A hipped roof will generally look best on single-story homes and the famed mid-century modern prototype.

Issues With The Hipped Roof

Withstanding high winds. Its anatomy also makes it ideal for intense snow. Here in Utah, a snow resistance roof will make a huge difference. Where the hip roof falls short: Costly, complex to install and maintain, can lead to poor ventilation and creates less room for an attic.

Project Materials

By and large, the most common type of roofing material is asphalt shingles. Due to their inexpensive nature, durability, and versatility, you will find many projects that utilize asphalt. Their lifespan, while still suitable, is not nearly as long as their metal counterparts.

Asphalts are usually a great route to pursue, however, your project should take on a life of its own. Whether it’s the tin roof sandy Utah homeowners seek for its durability and decreased maintenance, or a metal roof that’s expensive yet malleable, Radin will procure the roof of your dreams through our immaculate project procurement.